Thursday, June 25, 2009

1.  I'm thankful to be heading off to West Yellowstone!!!  We are taking the grandparents, and 3 kids, ( a full Expedition for sure)  to see Addison's shows.  We are going up with Just Linda's family too, so it will be a ton of fun.  Between, Old-Faith-a-lot, Bison, a crowded vehicle, a shared bathroom and Musical Theatre......well it just doesn't get much better than this!
2.  I'm thankful for SUN!!!  I got burned the first day in the sun at Grandma's pool-- I'm blaming it on old sunscreen, but it could have been too much time in the sun as well. I've learned my lesson, and I will lotion up the rest of the summer!
3.  I'm thankful for my Grandma Butters.  I know I've mentioned my thankfulness before....but she is doing GREAT! Grandma was on "death's door" this past Spring.  Now, she is up and happy with her makeup on and dressed every day. She walks around her house, comes out by the pool and  visits, she goes to family weddings and gets her hair done still.  She is amazing.  I'm so glad Summer and sun is here for my makes a big difference in her life.
4.  I'm thankful for FISH...we have had it the last 4 dinners., and probably again tonight.  I'm learning many different ways to fix it and serve it.  It's fun to try new recipes and  have Wayne at the grill doing his "thing."    
5.  I'm thankful for health and strength.  We have had a great time at Grandpa's boot camp.  It's great to get out of bed and get moving.  IT's great to catch up on the day to day "stuff" that makes a life.  It's great to be walking with my momma.   I'm so grateful my dad had his "vision."
6.  I'm thankful for Marie Callendar's pie sale.  I haven't bought any pies this month, but I'm thankful that  it's going on.  I love PIE!
7.  I'm thankful Laila has cousins and friends to play with this summer.  We were going over all of the fun stuff she gets to do this summer.  Swim,  Lagoon, sleep overs, popsicles, park dates, movies, theatre camp,  tramps, yellowstone, bear lake....the list goes on and on.  Laila piped up, "I have the best would only be better if I had a Limo and I was famous!"

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Si said...

Seriously, you are the only person I know who is thankful for the MC Pie Sale. You make me laugh.