Monday, March 16, 2009

Think Thin

I pulled this from a magazine article and have thought a lot about it. It's exactly where I'm at with regards to my's my MIND that gets me in trouble.
The article gives me 9 rules to live by. Since I keep rolling this article over in my wee brain, it must mean I'm meant to take some action.... the article said:

Think how a thin person thinks...rules to live by...overcoming the final fat frontier
1. When eating focus on the food.
2. Let hunger happen
3. indulge-- deliberately
4. Slow down
5. Exercise every day
6. Socialize on your feet
7. Give yourself a break
8. Exercise for fun!
9. Create a space in your mind where negative fat-think thoughts used to be.

So I've decided to set up 2 rules a week and post them on my fridge and focus on these in an effort to THINK THIN

#1. When eating focus on the food...... ( I am a multi tasker, so this can be difficult for me. I read, talk, organize, clean, talk on the phone, text etc......all while eating. This is my week to think about the taste and texture and decide if I love it or if I am just eating to eat. This is my week to sit down and savor.)

#2. Let Hunger Happen ( I pretty much eat with the clock. Breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, and many snack times inbetween. This week I'm going to wait for hunger to happen, have a drink of water and then wait some more to see if I'm really hungry.)

Wish me luck

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