Friday, March 13, 2009

Thin Mints....a diet fiood?

Girl scout cookies are the devil!

I did my obligatory purchasing of 6 boxes of Thin Mints this month. I always like to help out a good Thin Mints are my favorite! It's like a two-fer--- I help the girl scouts win their cookie goal and the girl scouts help me lose my weight goal. (Actually, I lost my girlish figure so long ago...that I'm not even looking for that figure-- I'd just settle for a nice long figure 8, instead.) But I digress.

Girl Scout Cookies are the devil!
The cookie itself sounds like a diet food....THIN MINTS... Come on!?! Talk about good marketing.

If I could eat just one, it would be different, but I CAN'T!
The thin mint is the perfect size. It's not too big, not too small. It's crunchy and chocolaty, not too minty. A single one fits perfectly in my big mouth. I love them. I love ALL of them. One serving for me is not a cookie but a sleeve of cookies. It's not right. I'm trying to stop-- but they call to me.

This year I made a new commitment when the girl scouts came a calling-- just say NO, but my Landon called from his school and said there was a teacher's daughter who needed to meet her "goal"-- so my NO turned into a N-YES, and I bought 6 boxes to help out.

I try not to think about all of the chocolaty calories I'm consuming.
I try to hide the evidence of my gluttony, by getting rid of the boxes to the outside garbage cans.
I try not to smile right after eating one, in an effort to hide my black lined toothy grin.
I try.

Girl scout cookies are the devil!

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Si said...

I love the thin mints too. Even though I am not a mint lover...those and the Samoas. Isn't a sleeve a serving???? Good thing Grant bought several boxes of shortbread and caramel. No temptation there...