Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Muzzy, Millie, Muzzy

Things said to me after a Millie Performance....
... or why this show is so good for my self esteem.

"If I didn't know how old your kids are I could have sworn you were 25."

"You have the best legs on stage!"

"They should call this show,Thoroughly Modern Muzzy."

"Your New York Song is worth the price of admission."

"You can totally wear black!" (Yes, if I wear lots of stage makeup and have blond hair.)

"I didn't know you could do that."

"You look like a young girl up there."

"I could listen to you sing all night."

"You have such a great voice."

"How old are you? 30?"

"You are so fun to watch on stage."

"I can tell you are loving this, so I love it too."

"You were the best part of the show."

"You needed to come on stage much sooner in the show."

"You are like a burst of energy."

"Mom, you need to sing it this way....." ( from Laila)

It's the last week for this show...and I'm sad.
It's fun to have total strangers pay me compliments. It's more fun to have loved ones in the audience supporting my "crazy."
I have two more performances then back into everyday anonymity.
I told Wayne, if he and the boys would just compliment me profusely, laugh at my jokes and applaud when I leave the room, or sing....that might suffice.


The Bentley Family said...

Here's one more for you. MELINDA YOU ARE ONE HOT MAMMA! I think you should dress like this more often.

erin noelle said...

I think your love language must be words of affirmation. It totally is. You didn't mention the gifts people are giving you, the flowers....It's all about the words. I won't charge anything for that evaluation.

Melwel said...

Being a gifts person is so complex....It entails all of the love this case words are the gift...and flowers of course.

heidi said...

You are sooo talented!! I love your costume too!