Sunday, March 15, 2009


I've actually been a bit depressed every time I walk into Costco and pass the food court. About 6 months ago they got rid of my favorite, Ice Cream bar freshly dipped in chocolate and rolled in almonds. I loved these. I couldn't believe they were going away.....
Well yesterday my heart was soaring. I passed the food court and a sign announced the ice cream bars are BACK!!
I couldn't believe it.
I jumped for joy and immediately got in the long food line to purchase one.

My heart was beating fast as I ordered one..... extra nuts please.
My mouth was salivating just thinking about the taste.
My spirits were lifted....spring is definitely on it's way.

I sat in my car and ate the evidence.

Yesterday was a great day. I got a pedicure, wore sandals and had my chocolate covered, rolled in almonds ice cream bar from Costco.
Life is sweet!


heidi said...

mmmmm.. i love those! I didn't know they were back. i think i'm going to have to go get one!!! :)
-heidi shurtz

Si said...

WIERD! i was just thinking about the ice cream bars, and wondering if they still sold them...