Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Reviews

I've been reading a lot lately..... .
mostly Junie B Jones and Rainbow Magic books, but these definitely count as books.
Inbetween all of this fine reading, I just finished a little book by Chris Stewart called, "Redefining Joy In the Last Days." My mom hooked me up with it. It talks about the scripture, "Men are that they might have joy..." so why are we whining so much? We live in a world of abundance and yet if our cell phone doesn't have a signal...it's a bad minute which turns into a bad day. It's all about choosing and learning to be happy. "Learning to measure our lives by a realistic yard stick is critical to finding peace. "
It's a very good, thought provoking read. It makes me happier for my challenges.
There are some great quotes throughout. This one is by Elder Richard G. Scott:
"The challenges you face, the growth experiences you encounter, are intended to be temporary scenes played out on the stage of life of continuing peace and happiness. Sadness, heartache, and disappointments are events in life. It is not intended that they be the substance of life."

I'm in the middle of reading another book called, "A Whole New Mind; Why right-brainers will rule the future" by Daniel Pink.
I picked it up at Barnes and Noble, while shopping for reading books for Laila.
I had read a little blurb about it in an Oprah magazine a few months ago, and just stumbled upon it on Saturday.
It's intriguing. I liked the title right off, because it validates my right-braininess, and I need validation.
The ideas it sets forth are so interesting. It talks about how Left-brain dominance is over and now we need to accept both the analytical and the creative/emotional parts of our selves to be able to survive and thrive in the future. Drawing on research, Mr. Pink sets forth the need for designers, inventors, teachers, social workers, storytellers, care givers and creative people that can do things that computers and outsourcing can't. I just keep thinking about it and can't wait to read it all over again. It's given me new insight when it comes to advice on career choices for my boys and my Lindsey. I feel better about Addison's college choices now as well.
It's given me a new way to look at my work, my talent and my future.
Maybe this is exactly what I needed right now.

It's interesting how things/books just fall into our lives.
Answer to prayer?


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