Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Hairy Krishna?

Ahhh youth!
To be young again and filled with enthusiasm, passion, craziness and chalk?

This is my Truman and some of his friends who attended the Festival of Color in Spanish Fork at the Hare Krishna temple on Saturday. The fesitval was filled with crazy college aged people who like any reason they can find to run around and throw chalk at each other and get messy.
Calling it a ceremony to welcome in Spring...adds to the ritual. The air was filled with chalk dust and chanting music -- "Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna."
What an interesting thing to do.
What an interesting way to celebrate.
Landon has been participating in this for the past 3 years....he remembers when it was a small ceremony that not many people attended-- with plenty of chalk left over to it's over 1,000 strong and finding chalk is hard. (Chalk selling would have been a great scout/yw money maker. We'll keep this in mind for next year.)

Tru was a multi color mess.... a mess that only an after hours hot tub party could adequately clean up. He had chalk everywhere... in his ears, in his spit, in his nose-- he'll be blowing in color for awhile-- and in my car.

I'm trying to remember any of my youthful craziness...but I was pretty driven...and focused on growing up and being an adult...
Did I miss out on my chalk throwing youthful fun?

Do I need to try some wild over forty fun instead? Or should I wait and do almost fifty fun?
I'm in a quandry.

I'm glad T had fun....
I'm getting some chalk.

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