Saturday, March 7, 2009

Basket Ball is Over

I am basketballed out.
4 games in 4 days....that's a lot to ask of me.
We had the 4A state playoff games this week-- and a Jazz game on Friday night. It takes a lot out of me. I have to sit and try not to scream, and then scream any way at the dumb calls from the guy in stripes. I have to try and not embarrass my Wayne and my dad-- and the people I'm sitting around by my screaming and cheering. I have to try not to get emotionally involved so I don't end up with a stomach ache. I have to watch Truman-- the Brave Super Fan with his red painted face try to keep the student section cheering. I have to not feel bad for the Sr/Jr boys who are sitting on the bench and getting no playing time, ( I' m not talking about my Sophomore son here, he'll get his turn) and I have to hear the other team's fans screaming things. It wears me out. The noise, the emotions, the refs, the rude fans, and coaches questionable coaching......see what I mean?

It's always great when we win, after all of this, but when we's a wipe out.

Bountiful played great-- but with a few things not going in their favor, player suspensions, and player injuries -- we lost to Provo in the semi finals. It's amazing we went as far as we did in the state tourney.

I did have a run in with some Davis High students while at the state games-- They were there to watch the game after ours, and for some reason decided our row looked like a good one to cut through. The real walk ways were below and above us. They kept saying, " excuse me can I get through?" They were just vying for good seats for the next game. Well after too many of these to count, I was through, and I informed the next set of students to , "please go around-- this isn't a cut through and we are trying to watch the game." They couldn't believe me and one boy actually swore at me! This raised Wayne's dander and we almost had an old fashioned fist-to-cuffs going on.
The things I do.
But-- man-- I thought it was rude. They asked a question and I gave them the answer of - NO. They could care less about the BHS game-- but I was trying to watch it and I wasn't going to take it any more.
So there.
Be warned: If you are a high school student--I'm not afraid of you!

Later that night, I actually sat down to watch the Jazz game with Wayne, and in the first half, the JAZZ were stinking it up big time...I thought I was watching high school ball again, so I promptly fell asleep and evidently missed a rip roaring second half where the JAZZ came back from a 20 point deficit. The TV camera even cut to my cheering Mother in law with her JAZZ fan sign-- I missed it.
Basket ball season is officially over at our house.
Now we have a break until spring ball begins in April.... here we go again!


D2Quilter said...

Melinda! It has to be the COLE blood in us!! I totally understand. When going to watch the kids play I always take some hand quilting work and when I start getting stressed out/worked up I have to get out the quilting and work on it and watch the game occasionally.

Bummer you missed your MIL on the supertron!

Mark and Jill said...

Now maybe you can have some down time! What a super mom you are. Glad it's over.