Tuesday, March 24, 2009


My friend has quite "the badonkadonk."
She's got some " junk in her trunk."
Atleast that is according to her hair dresser. Her insane hair dresser. Her big chested, opinionated and controlling hair dresser. I get a big kick out of her stories and wonder why she keeps going back, but her hair looks GREAT! I guess it's worth it, even if you have to be told about your badonkadonk.

I don't have a badonkadonk.

And if anyone says I do, I would just call them a badonkadink!

I've got some "junk" in my .....hood? You know, the front part of my body?
I have a luvatub ( just made that up) belly. It's full like a tub and happened because of love. Love of food and love of Wayne. My belly looks like this because of housing and bearing four boys. It's rubbery and filled with stretch marks. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of my luvatub.

I call the upper parts of my body "the girls" and the belly part, "the boys."

Now, when I say I'm taking the theatre popcorn home to "the boys," you know my secret. .... I'm just going to eat it later.


Kimi said...

Yes, I have "quite the protruding..." I have a BUBBLE BUTT, okay??
Funny post, Melinda! We should go get some popcorn soon...for the boys.

erin noelle said...

Hey, I think mine right now is called a badonkabigexpandingdonk. And my boys are HUNGRAAAYYY.

Misty said...

Melinda -- this is Erin's sister, Misty. Erin showed me this post and I just had to agree about their hairdresser! I call her the hair nazi. Seriously! The woman won't let them do what they want to their own hair. Erin has been trying to go dark again for years but the woman won't let her and continues to make her blonde. Craziness. Great blog!