Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm in a Show.....finally!

I'm back on the stage again after a 5 1/2 year hiatus. I got asked to be Muzzy in Thoroughly Modern Millie at Rodgers Memorial Theatre. I am excited. Of course I said Yes. I didn't have to audition. I get to sing 2 great songs. Not too many rehearsals...and I get to be on stage and perform and sing....LOVE IT!
My last show was 42nd Street at RMT-- this was right when Wayne got put in the Bishopric...and now he is out and I'm BACK!
I'm excited and a bit nervous. I've got to get my voice back in shape. I've got to get my body in shape.
I'm hoping this is the "Kick in the butt" I've been needing to really get myself back in shape and get rid of this 20 pound-middle-chub I keep carrying around.
Muzzy is a night club singer and has the "end" of the show. She has to look fabulous. Wish me luck.
Landon is in it too, he is playing a chinese brother....and Megan( my neice) is Mrs. Meirs-- the villain of the show. It's a family event.

Everyone in my house is in a show right now except for Wayne. Truman, Monson and Laila are in Annie at Bountiful High. Addison is in Peter pan at Weber State and then Musical of Musicals in Salt Lake, and Landon and I are in Millie.

Theatre is so much fun for me!!!
I love being in the audience. I love talking about shows. I love dissecting performances. I love going to NYC. I love little kid theatre and professional theatre. I love choreographing and/or directing shows.
I especially love BEING ON STAGE!

I'm excited....
Wish me luck!


Brian and Shanna said...

That is So Awesome! Good luck with that, and let us know when your performances are because we'd love to come!

barbyb said...

Melinda!! I'm SO excited about your show!!! Yay! I can't wait . . . (I haven't been on this dang computer at all, so I'm a little late commenting on your news. . .but, yay!)