Thursday, January 22, 2009

I need a nap

I got up at 5:20 this morning so I would be ready when Si honked her horn, and we could make it to the gym at 5:30.
I signed up for Gold's Gym yesterday....I broke down and put money toward my fitness goals.
"Now I have to do it!" I tell myself. "No more excuses!"
Si kept commenting as we were sweating, while watching "Dan in Real Life," "It's good to be done at 6:30 then we don't have to think about it the rest of the day!"
Who can think? I'm too tired.
6:30 is still too early-- It's before I'm even out of bed on "normal" school days.
What's up with that hour...Satan's hour, that's for sure! Is the Holy Ghost even up yet?

I can commit to exercise, but not to 5:30am. Maybe once or twice a week tops! Or make that once or twice a month-- now that sounds a bit better.

I was so tired that I lost all will power and when I got Laila her Birthday Doughnuts, I counted wrong and had 2 extra that I ended up eating. Too tired/not thinking straight + Birthday doughnuts = extra pounds for Melinda!

Okay, Now I have that off my chest, I can go take a nap.


D2Quilter said...

I do better fitting in exercise if I do it early. Your body will adjust to getting up early! Have faith and keep with it. I believe in you!

The Bentley Family said...

It will get easier I promise. Before we got Gabe I was up at 5:00am every morning to make 5:30 classes 6 days a week and for about a month I thought I was going to die. I would actually use my lunch hour to sleep just to make it through the day. After that it got easier and easier.
You are so awesome. You go girl! It is the best way to get your metabolism kick started for the day!

Si said...

Two days of this...deep down inside, you love it. thanks for going with me. love you.