Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cathy Cartoon

I read this in the Sunday Funnies, and LOVED IT!
It's a bit little on this post, so I'll write what it says:

Cathy: I haven't gained weight but I've outgrown all my pants!

Mother: Someone Hasn't been exercising....

Cathy: I know, I know...It's muscle loss

Mother: Wrong. It's memory loss . As we age, our fat gets disoriented and wanders around the body looking for a comfier spot to rest. Exercise snaps the fat back to attention and helps it remember where it's supposed to be. Also, if you exercise regularly, the fat's less likely to stray because it's always afraid you'll start jumping around again and make it dizzy. We're not even trying to LOSE you anymore, weight! We just want to help you STAY PUT!

Cathy: I have to get out of here mother!!

Mother: EXCELLENT! Even a brisk walk away from the truth will help keep the fat on it's toes!

I'm off to Exercise!

I've lost 4 pounds this past week!

1 comment:

Si said...

Come with me to the 5:30 AM class...you'll lose 4 more. AND it will be fun bc we will be laughing at each other.