Monday, January 5, 2009

Diet 2009

This morning was great!
The New Year is off to a fabulous Monday morning start. It's so good to have the boys in school again and working...and not just staying up too late, partying, playing and sleeping in. NO MORE!

We got up by 7, had family scriptures, prayer and then I exercised and got showered and dressed and Laila dressed and off to school, all before 8:45!!
AND......I'm starting my next, greatest and latest diet.
(I wonder how many diets this makes on my life time diet count?)

The Flat Belly Diet.....I read about it in the First magazine and thought it was an interesting concept, then I was at Costco and it caught my eye. It's a bright yellow book and hard to miss.
When was the last time I had a flat belly? As a 10 year old? No....10 years ago?
It's from the Prevention magazine editors...and sounds like a doable idea.
It's all about MUFA's--- monounsaturated fatty acids.... love them..... nuts and semi sweet/dark chocolate are totally MUFA's.
I bought the book. Shopped for the food. Talked Wayne into doing it with me. And today's the day...
Okay, I've weighed myself (heavy sigh) and I'm ready to do my month of "good" eating in January. I have a show coming up and I'm excited and crazy all at the same time.

It's just "Healthy eating"...I tell myself.
"I'm just going to eat healthier," I'll tell other people.

It's still a diet...I'm changing my bad habits, and trying to establish good ones...better ones.
Just wrapping my head around it is hard enough for me.
Just getting on the scale was huge. (The stepping on was "huge", not me, necessarily.)
SO...I know this will be a boring blog in January...all about weight and losing weight and eating the right foods, and having will power and making food choices...... oh wait, this is what this blog was always supposed to be about.

So for the month of January I'm posting a BLOG WARNING:
Dieting in progress....Not responsible for "weighty" material!

I'm counting the hours until my first chocolate chip!


sue said...

Way to go at least u got up an are on the first steps toward a better u,

Si said...

You go, girl. I am proud of you for having SO much willpower. I mean, who goes to the movie and doesn't eat anything except a bottle of water!!!