Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Truly a Man

Truman is 18 years old today!

Ah yes, I was there the day he was born!
He was supposed to be a GIRL..but turned out to be a boy instead, so we named him TRU-MAN!

I had 2 other little boys when I was pregnant with Truman, and the ultrasound technician made all my dreams come true, by pointing out girl parts and labeling the baby in my womb a GIRL!

I was thrilled. I redecorated the nursery. Gave all my boy clothes away, and bought a new baby girl wardrobe. I put PINK and Bunnies everywhere.
I was into it. WE WERE HAVING A GIRL!

The Sunday before Truman was born I was sitting in Sacrament meeting with my 2 year old and 4 year old. Landon (2) was having a fit, so I stood up to take him out of the meeting. My foot got caught in the handle of the diaper bag as I struggled with my big belly to get out of the pew. I fell forward into the aisle, handed off my two year old to the pew-people behind me, and fell flat on my stomach in the aisle, spread eagle. My red tent dress flipped up over my butt, and I was exposed for all of the stand to see. The congregation gasped, the Bishopric all stood up. The High Council speaker droned on. I struggled to my feet and ran out of the meeting with my crying 2 year old.

I was so embarrassed.
I wasn't really hurt, just my pride.
The Bishop came out into the foyer and checked on me. Wayne did not. HE was mortified that I had put on such a display in church. A bit later, my 4 year old Addison, with his arms tightly folded, came out to see if I was all right. He said that "Dad" had sent him. I was fuming. I was never going back into church and we were putting our house up for sale.

A week later, when my beautiful baby girl was to be delivered, Wayne's face was flabbergasted.....
Wayne: "It's a boy."
Me: "Quit teasing me"
Wayne: "No really, it's a boy!"
Me: "Let me see!"
She was a boy.
He is a boy.
I was shocked...stunned...silenced.
Truman wasn't breathing very good, so the nurses whisked him away and I didn't see him for hours afterward.
It was all very surreal.
It took a while for this baby boy news to soak in. Where was my little daughter? A third boy? Was my baby really a boy? I was in mini-mourning for awhile, then felt so guilty about it. I had a perfect little boy-- why was I sad?

When the reality finally hit me, we had to come up with a name for our beautiful son. (He actually looks a lot like my sister, Liz. He could easily be her son. We tease about this all the time. It's amazing!)
We thought about naming him Martin or King...because he was born on Martin Luther King Day....
King Cole Welch had a nice ring to it....but we didn't want him to think he had to call for his "fiddlers three" all of the we gave him his Great Grandfather's name...TRUMAN.

The "girl to a boy" folklore among the ward and family members was my "falling down in church made the boy parts just pop out, so now the baby is a boy."
I just wonder what the ultrasound technician was "on" that day.

6 months later we did move out of that ward...but not because of my church embarrassment or because I didn't want to redecorate my pink, bunny filled nursery back to blue. It was just the right time to move forward.

Truman is truly a Man, and this day we celebrate him!!

WARNING: Here I go, rhapsodizing about my "perfect" children again.

What a wonderful piece he is to our family puzzle.
Tru is the middle child-- and let's me know how "put upon" he is, but usually he is only teasing.
Truman is so witty and fun! He always has something going on. He is "game" for anything, and isn't easily embarrassed. He loves to shop for DI treasures. He wears "crazy" outfits and has a flair for the neon. He dances like a maniac at the school dances, and stands right in front of the speakers.
He is always finding the latest and greatest saying or band or place to go...then when it gets "hot" and everyone loves it, he has all ready moved on.
He loves to serve and loves being involved at school. Truman is a great photographer and artist/designer. Truman has a fabulous laugh! Truman has many friends. He loves all types of music. He has a beautiful voice. He was great in "Les Mis" and "Annie." He sings in the choirs at school, and really enjoys being an SBO.
Truman has a testimony of the gospel and enjoys hanging out with his family.

I'm glad he's my BOY!


The Bentley Family said...
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The Bentley Family said...

Melinda, I love how much I learn about your family through reading your blogs. I have learn't more about your family in a few blogs than I have in the 6 years I have been in this family. You always make me laugh and sometimes even cry but I love love love your blogs! I have a fantastic image in my mind of a big pregnant lady wearing a red moo moo showing her butt to a church congregation that will carry me through the work day! Love ya!

Melanie said...

How have I not heard this story of Trumie's beginning????? I love it! You have the best stories.

Brian and Shanna said...

Happy Birthday Truman! And I loved the story Melinda, I laughed so hard about the boy parts popping out! And everyone did so incredible at Annie! You have a very talented family!!

Si said...

I love Truman!