Friday, January 30, 2009

Exercise Buddy

Exercise partners are a must!!
I have gotten out of bed for 2 weeks now, to go to the gym, not because I don't love my bed and snuggling with my husband, but because I know Si is out in her car waiting for me and I can't leave her hanging.

Going to the gym with a buddy really helps. I didn't realize how much. I'm independent...I do my "thing" when I want, how I want. I don't want to be tied down to a schedule. Some might call this irresponsible...I call it ME. Obviously this attitude hasn't been working when it came to exercise.

Buddy power works.
Buddy power makes me stay on the treadmill longer than I would otherwise.
Buddy power makes me do the sit ups on the bosu ball, when I want to be done.
Buddy power makes me stretch out...when I would just "do it" at home. Yeah right.
Buddy power will get me to the class at 5:30am !!
Buddy power got us through 2 Half- Marathons.

Committing to working out has been good for my head too. Si and I have solved the world's problems, discussed family issues, watched parts of movies, complained about our soreness, ran through the bitter cold, and decided what's for dinner.

This whole talk of buddy, reminds me of a song, "She ain't heavy she's my brudder, or buddy or sistah....." Okay forget about the song.
The truth is, she ain't heavy....she's Si. I hope I'm not weighing her down.

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Si said...

Awww I love you! The Bosu Ball loves you. The Stair machine loves you. You KNOW I wouldn't be out of my bed at 5:00 without you either! Oh, and you are WAY cheaper than therapy :).