Monday, January 19, 2009

Martha Lutin King Day

Laila and Heather came running out of the doors from school on Friday so excited to tell me what they learned that day.
I love picking Laila up from's when she is the most talkative about her day, and I get to learn all sorts of interesting things.
Today was no different.

Laila: "Mom do you know who Martha Lutin King is?"
Me: "You mean Martin Luther King?"
Laila: "Yeah."
Me: "I know him. Did you learn about him today?"
Laila: "Yeah...Martha made it so black people and white people could be friends. If it wasn't for him Heather and I wouldn't even like each other."

I smiled at my brown skinned daughter.

Heather chimed in, "Yeah, now you can be friends with your mom too Laila!!"

They were close in their understanding, and
I loved their enthusiasm.

I'm glad we are different and I'm glad we can all be friends too.
Today, let's celebrate!

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The Bentley Family said...

So precious. Laila is such an amazing kid!