Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2

I'm on Day 2
Down 1 pound.

Wayne is doing great--- down 3 pounds.
Once again I marvel at the ability of men to shed pounds so much quicker than women.

We are doing a 4 day " Anti- Bloat Cleanse", before we start the MUFA eating program. It's just one of those health things that is advised to do after one has OD'd on sweets and chocolate and crazy Holiday eating.

So, What am I eating today?

Rice Krispies and milk for breakfast
pineapple in own juice
sunflower seeds
string cheese
pineapple smoothie
chicken breast
brown rice
When I look at the list, it doesn't sound too bad..... and it looks HEALTHY.
Now I just need to keep this "deal" I have made with myself.
That's truly what a diet is....an eating deal made with myself, for myself. No one else cares or is interested, except, maybe, Wayne.

I worked out today....treadmilled it then some situps and weights....a little bit here and a little bit there.
Feeling Sassy!

Side Note:

Laila "prayed" me last night, that I wouldn't get so mad over the little things she does.... I wonder what I'm doing that's so crazy? I need to remember my New Years Resolution and Laugh more! Seriously, I do.

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