Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions for the New Year

We had a fun party at my sister's home last night. We had "Fondue Fun Night" and it was great. Marcie and Gary are always the perfect hosts for a New Years Eve...... We partied like it was 1999---oh yeah, 2009.

We played a fun game where we wrote down 3 of our real resolutions anonymously and put them in a pot. Then we drew out a resolution and had to guess who's it was. It was insightful.
"Lose 92 pounds."
"Finish school."
"Have Meryl Streep play my mother in a movie."
"Read a book a month."
"Read the Book of Mormon every week--atleast a verse."
"get laser hair removal."
"Lose 3 pounds" (This was actually written down by 3 different people at the party-- it was a popular resolution.)

Resolutions are interesting.
I'm not opposed to them-- just I seem to set the same ones year after year...and never get any closer to realizing them.

Last year, my mom gave me a new insight with New Years Resolutions.
She set some that she could and would actually accomplish.
1. I will over eat on holidays and birthdays
2. My house will be messy.
3. I won't exercise
4. I will stay up too late, and sleep in too much
5. I won't begin any new projects
You get the idea.
She said if she didn't accomplish these resolutions, that would be a bonus....She wouldn't be sad about that, but glad!

This mixed up, messed up thinking really says something to how I was raised, and why I am the "weirdest" person that many of my friends know.

How about these resolutions: Laugh More! Eat more Cookie dough! Goof off! Now these are resolutions I can get excited about!

What I do like to have my family do on New Years is write Predictions about the coming year. Things about themselves, family, friends, the county, world. Whatever.
It's interesting to pull these out on New Years day and see what predictions came true from the past year.

If you predict that your sister will get married year after year; 7 years later it comes true and you feel like a real psychic!

We have predicted marriages, missions, moves, trips, grades, deaths, elections and crazy weather around the could possibly blame Hurricane Katrina on the Welchs.

I could not have "predicted" that I would be blogging this time last year. I have enjoyed "throwing up" my random thoughts and boggled brain on to the page.
(Thanks for reading)

Maybe this year my resolution will be to ..... GET MY ACT TOGETHER!
I won't happen any time soon though.


Kimi said...

Love your resolutions (the reasonable ones) and promise to do my best to help you laugh more, eat more cookie dough (and popcorn), and goof off --to the best of my ability, which is pretty high.

Si said...

I can promise to help with the cookie dough resolution. On the other hand, you and Kimi are the biggest goof off's I know, so you will have to help me along in that area.