Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Wayne

I love the way that sounds....My Wayne.
He has always been mine.
We met as Sophomores at Bountiful High school, and I knew at 16 that I would love him forever and he was the guy for me. It sounds like a fairy tale or a movie line, but it's true.
He is the best part about me...
Melinda and Wayne
Wayne and Melinda
Like two peas in a pod.
We actually aren't that alike at all. I'm sarcastic, he's sincere. I'm flighty, he's grounded. I'm ready for anything, he's more wary. I'm in the world, he's spiritual.
I'm planning and list making, he's more go with the flow. I'm let's go, go , go ...he's I just want to sit and watch my HD TV.

Today is Wayne's 47th birthday. We have been together for 31 years, and we have definitely rubbed off on each other. He's knocked off my rough corners, and I've gotten him out of his comfort zones.

I love that he's my Forever Family.

Wayne says he is a jack of all trades, ruler of none. That's how he would describe himself. He really is intelligent, and knows a lot about a lot of things. Wayne
is an amazing business man. He swings deals and sells restaurant supplies around the world. He has a great head for figures and deal making. He is very loyal and wants what is best for every customer....
Here's the curious part,
The boys (Addison, Landon, Truman and Monson) don't really think he is in the restaurant supply business...... at all.

The boys think he is a "spy' for the government....or whoever people spy for. He has a "skill set" that only help support this notion. He is "McGiver-ish." He can do anything on a computer-- even hack into one, drive any vehicle- motorcycle being his favorite-- has even been known to fly a helicopter and airplane ( not by himself of course.)
He scuba dives.
He speaks English, Spanish, and some Chinese.
He travels a lot, for "business", to interesting countries in South America-- Mexico, Hondurus, Peru, Columbia-- where there is considerable unrest. Add to that China, India, Thailand, Korea, and Germany and the brothers are wondering what their father really does for a living? He can't just be selling pots and pans can he?
His passport is full and overflowing! He actually was allowed to have 2 passports at the same time....hmmm? He had to personally fly to San Francisco to figure this out.
He owns many guns and has his conceal carry permit.
He receives monthly packages from interesting businesses..... They all seem to hold "Sunglasses", and "GPS systems" and other unknown gadgets. Hmmm? Mission Impossible anyone?
He knows all about world events and what's happening in the stock market and news.
He has a lot of foreign money stashed away.

It all seems to fit.

This mild mannered, slightly overweight- but working on it - guy is DEFINITELY A SPY!

Wayne came home from a China trip about 3 years ago and was totally throwing up sick and dizzy-- some weird virus attacked his middle ear and he couldn't walk, sit up, keep his eyes open. It really was tragic. Wayne has learned to live with this Dizzy , but still suffers every day with a spinning world.
The boys know this is from some sort of spy torture that happened to him ( aka Jack Bauer) and not a virus at all. It was all too fishy for them.

Any operation he has-- a cyst removed, etc....the boys believe it's bullet's being taken out of his body, or a wound received while Spying--that needs to be dealt with.

It really is funny. With this body of evidence, and their great imaginations, the boys have decided that Wayne is a genuine spy, oh, and our neighbor Mario Nickl is too.
( Now, Mario I can actually believe.)
I think Wayne likes it. He doesn't deny it. I may be blowing his cover just writing about it.

Wayne's like Superman.....mild mannered, easy going, glasses wearing, dad during normal hours.... then he becomes Super-Spy when he leaves the country.

Anyway, My Spy is having a birthday..... Happy Birthday Wayne!
He is "the Spy that loves me".... Aaahhhh ( Sweet Sigh)


The Bentley Family said...

Awesome post. Happy Birthday Wayne! I have learn't more about your family from reading your blogs than I have in the 6 years I have been married to Brad. You happy, still married couples are wonderful examples to me and give me hope!

Wayne said...

Hi Beautiful - Thanks for the post! You make me sound a lot better and more interesting than I am.
Isn't it great that it's Wayne AND Melinda? I love that - and I love you!

Brian and Shanna said...

Awwwww! I love it! I truly hope that in 30+ years I am as happily married as you are! Thanks so much and Happy Birthday Wayne!!

Braydon and Erica said...

I totally believe in fairy tales!! I fell in love with braydon when i was 16 and I knew I had to have forever with him. It's so special. I hope we can have as many years as you... well on earth because we both have forever!! Happy birhtday to "YOUR WAYNE"

Si said...

Wayne, I agree with your boys. You fit the Secret Agent profile. Happy belated bday- We love you! Grant and Si, or Si and Grant

Mark and Jill said...

Melinda that was such an awesome tribute to Wayne. Happy belated birthday Wayne.