Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful on the 24th

I'm thankful for things and stuff.
I got to go through some of Grandma's "stuff" to day with mom. It was weird, and good. It's weird to think that when someone returns to heaven what's tangibly left is just things and stuff. One man's trash is another man's treasure, I think that's how the saying goes.
But.......It was good to smell grandma again and be reminded of her by looking at an old bejeweled purse, a sweater, a necklace or a white glove from her Sweet Adeline days.
Tears came unexpectedly.
She doesn't really have ALL that much, because she got rid of a lot when Grandpa died 17 years ago, but there is still plenty to go through.

It's funny what Grandma kept in her closets and around her house.

The paraphernalia that makes up a life.

I drove by her home for the first time since her death.
It was a teary, difficult road.
The end of an era.
I know eventually the things and stuff won't mean so much, and the memories in my head and heart will carry me through. But, for now, I'm typing this wearing one of Grandma's green sweaters.
I'm so thankful.

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