Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful for Dancing

I won a trophy as the Best Mom the Family dance party for the Club Carnival kick off. I was just trying to make Laila smile and roll her eyes at me. It worked.
Then is was Wayne's turn. We thought for sure he wouldn't win a ship on a stick trophy, because I just had, but.....this was a competition and Wayne is VERY competitive.
Wayne was on the dance floor working it. While he was dancing, I turned away and spoke to the brothers. When I looked back, Wayne was on the floor. My first thought was, "Man Down.....Help him....He's dizzy!" Then I realized it was part of his dance routine. HE WAS BREAK DANCING!

He got to the middle of a flashy backwards somersault, when the boat shifted and Wayne went back over. I laughed til I cried and my stomach hurt. (Another reason why I love this man)
The boys were in hysterics. They had never seen their dad be so wild....and they laughed and shook their heads.
Wayne won the ship trophy for Best Dad Dancer.

Laila was so proud of her crazy parents.

We had a great time dancing on this cruise. I really loved dancing with my Addison and Landon...they do big monkey dancing like me. Truman and Monson are fun is Laila.....Wayne is just glad all of these kids came with us, so he doesn't have to much.

I'm thankful


D2Quilter said...

You guys are AWESOME!

Melanie said...

Next cruise, you know who is going!

Si said...

Crazy. You are.