Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful #10

I'm thankful for primary.
We had a wonderful primary program on Sunday.  All of the children dressed in white and sang and talked about forever families.
It was so beautiful to look up on the stand and see those angelic children.
I really liked when the blazer boys all wore their father's suit coats and talked about how they want to grow up to be like their dads.  LOVED IT!  It was a teary time.
All of the my boys came to watch their sis, Laila.  She sang her little heart out and gave her part.
How would you feel if Jesus was right here, praying with you?....."I would feel warm all over and smile a lot."  This is exactly right.
The spirit was strong.
The congregation always looks forward to the bloopers, it seems.
They love the noisy child, the energetic child, the crazy voiced child.....But I love the sweet one.
I'm thankful.

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Melanie said...

She is always so sweet!