Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thankful #6

I'm thankful for my sisters.
I had a great time at my Sisties Trip this weekend!
We have an annual girl's weekend we spend together in November each year.  It started the year Landon was born...and we haven't missed ( except last year when Laila hit her head).   It began when we had the Cole Collection singing group and we would use the weekend to practice our Christmas songs as we worked up a program to take around to church and office Christmas parties.
We don't sing around any more, but we still love getting together.  We have broadened our group to include the grand daughters once they hit 18 years old. We had 8 of us at the Park City condo this year. Me ( taking the pic) Christine, Liz, Angela, Marcie, Mom, Megan and Rachel.

It is always so fun to shop and shop and eat and shop some more.  We love our Baja Cantina trip and traipsing around the outlets and main street Park City.
It's great to just get away!
This year, like many past years, Mom gave each of us money that we have to spend on ourselves during the trip.  She always does her best to spoil us!  We try to make the money stretch and get bargains.  We love to share what we purchased and see who got the best deal.  This year it was my niece who got a shirt for all of $2.47.
The annual Sistie-trip is a good thing.
I'm Thankful.

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Lesley said...

I remember you doing that trip years ago. Did you once buy a bird cage on that trip? Or am I just a bird-brain?