Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful day #4: Mission

What a great night we had gathering as family and friends for the big opening of the envelope.  Our home was crowded with people, just how Truman wanted it.
When the time came he was shaking like a leaf and he was crying as he read....."You have  been called to serve in the Manchester, England March 24th."

The room erupted with congratulations and excitement.
This is the perfect spot for my Beatle-loving, Harry Potter-expert Boy.

I'm so thankful for missions and I'm thankful for Tru.


Shanna said...

Congrats Truman!! That's super exciting!

Kimi said...

It was a great night! Congrats to Trumeee. We are so excited for him. He will be an awesome missionary!

erin noelle said...

Look how handsome he is with that smile.

Lesley said...

OH.MY.GOSH!!! ENGLAND!! How great is that. When I went to visit my parents while they served their mission in England I flew into Manchester airport. I.LOVE.ENGLAND. (I'll bet you couldn't tell) A boy from the WB 10th ward who graduated w/Truman is in England and I'm 99.99999% sure it's the Manchester mission. Congratulations.

Melanie said...

That was the best! The pictures captured the night so beautifully. Ahhh I'm going to miss my Trumie.

Diane said...

Congratulations from the Lake family! Missions are the best and we know Truman will be a fabulous missionary.