Monday, November 2, 2009

Thankful Month

The thankful month is here.
I love November.
I'm going to try and post a thankful thought a day between now and Thanksgiving.
I say try because some where in the middle of this month I may not be getting internet access.... so I'll try.
#1 I'm thankful Halloween is over. 
It's a love/hate relationship with Halloween, that's for sure.

I look forward to it each year, and really love the "cute" stuff associated with this holiday.  I love the elementary parties and the darling costumes on little kids and babies.   I love watching Wayne and the kids, this year only Laila,  carve pumpkins.  I love mom's homemade doughnuts on Halloween night.  I love dressing up. 

This year Wayne, Monson and I spent Halloween night at the UofU football black out game. The weather was great for football!  It was a good night because, thankfully, the Utes won!!!
We dished Laila off to a great neighbor for trick or treating. Then, we all met up at 9:30 for Gma Sheri's doughnuts. Laila and Preston got to help cut out the dough.  

I don't like the gory makeup, severed heads, smashed pumpkins,  rude teenager-ish kids trick or treating, or skanky costumes.

I do love the family time and fun we have being together and the CANDY!!!
This year we were missing Addison because of his Sleepy Hollow he was Icabod Crane for Halloween.   And we were missing Truman.  Tru was up at the big HOWL  party at Utah State.  His costume was a redneck dude with "stache" and mullet and short short levi cut offs. 
......  Any way, I'm thankful We are done with Halloween time and on to Thanksgiving time.


Alberto, Sara, Allie, and AJ said...

Sheri should hook us up with some of those doughnuts at training in February.

Mark and Jill said...

Wasn't it weird to be at a game on Halloween? I actually missed being out trick or treating with my kids. Glad you got to end the night with family and doughnuts!