Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful #11

I'm so grateful to be leaving the cold of Utah and be heading to the sun of the Gulf of Mexico and Cozumel.
We are taking the brothers and Laila on a cruise!!!!
It's going to be awesome!!! 
We  planned it long ago, over this week, because it was the only "good" week.  It's between football and basketball for Monson.  It's between plays for Addison.  It's between jobs for Landon and Truman is just glad he doesn't have any tests this week at Utah State.
We wanted to do this before Truman goes on his mission. 
Every time Wayne and I have been on a cruise we always say and think about how much our kids would LOVE it. 
There are shows, activities, karaoke, swimming, games, sports, food 24 hours, and SUN!  IT's going to be a challenge to have all 4 big boys in a room together-- space wise and temperament wise....but it will be good for them.  It's a time of bonding and making memories.
It will be divine.
I'm so thankful we can do this.

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