Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful #5- Addison

I'm so thankful Addison is having a grand time playing Icabod Crane at Weber State.
He does a great job. 
This is an interesting tale.  It's a cross between "Into the Woods" and "The Secret Garden" and "The Salem Witch Trials."  So good.  Or maybe it's not like any of the above mentioned shows.....? I don't know.

Addison is singing beautifully and his acting is right on the mark.
I love watching him on stage.
He got great write ups in the local papers.
This is taken from the Deseret News Review of Sleepy Hollow:
"Addison Welch is an outstanding Ichabod Crane. His lean, lithe frame and elegantly long fingers and arms give him the perfect physicality for Crane. But Welch also creates the perfect mix needed for the character we love to hate."
I would agree!

I'm thankful for Addison!

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