Saturday, November 28, 2009

Magic carpet, anyone?

Actual Conversation

Me: Laila what do you want for Christmas?
Laila: A magic carpet!!
Me: Laila, Magic carpet's only exist in fairy tales and on cartoon movies. If you were Aladdin, or a wizard you could have it, but you're not. Think of something else.
Laila: Uh,huh. Magic carpets are real. It would be so great, then I wouldn't have to walk every where. I could whisper into the fringe where I want to go , and we would just go there. Or, I could think about going somewhere and My magic carpet would just show up to take me.
Me: Laila there are no such things as magic carpets.
Laila: That's why I'm asking Santa. If he can have a flying magic sleigh, he can surely make me a magic carpet.
Me: Laila, you find one in a magazine or at a store and we'll talk.
Laila: I'm not asking you for it, I'm asking Santa. He can do it...he's over 2,000 years old. He's magic!

Oh brother.
Laila is relentless about this.
She is sharing no other ideas.
I think this is the "test" year, to see if there really is a Santa or not.

My little girl is growing up.

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