Sunday, March 19, 2017

Self Compassion

I've been reading a lot lately from a book called Self Compassion that I really like.
It's about giving our selves a break...  It actually has studies that show having or learning Self Compassion would serve us all more than having High Self Esteem.   It's fascinating to think about , but it really rings true.

To cultivate self compassion we need three things...
1. more kindness toward ourselves
2.  understanding that we are all here sharing a human experience.
3. Mindfulness... taking the "moment" to assess what's happening.

I can see how this would help in so many ways....

Giving yourself a literal hug...with arms folded across body actually helps....and stating a mantra as you are going through the "emotion" whatever it is:

This is a moment of Struggle
Struggles are part of the human experience
I will be kind to my self in this moment
I will show my self the compassion it deserves.

I'm in a journey of self discovery and I feel I am being directed to what I need to read and think about and incorporate into my life.   

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