Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 6 and still learning

 It's PI day today ...3.14   so of course I began my day with homemade raspberry pie from SI.  It was delicious....and ended it with a Marie Callendar's rhubarb pie from Laura.  Pi day  is like a National Holiday to me.
I'm on Day 6 of wrapping my head around intuitive eating.  I do good...then not so good.  I think, yes eat with out distractions.  Sit down and put it on a plate and really enjoy my food..but then I stand and eat from the pie tin as quickly as I can.
There's so much changing to and processing.... once again, journey not a destination.

I'm trying not to be in the "I need to FIX my life "mode and turn to the "I am CREATING a new life" mode.
Fixing has a negative feel to it.  It's about reacting to life.
Creating has great energy in it...it's about designing what I want life to be.

What am I currently trying to fix?
my weight
my kids
my house
my job
my attitude

What would I rather CREATE instead?
a beautiful, warm accessible home with lots of room for guests and many gatherings
a caring, trusting, loving relationship with my children
a place for growth and creativity in my career...
a life filled with friends and hobbies; travel and adventure....
no worries about weight...throw the scale away ...and no more diets

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