Friday, March 24, 2017

Dear Body....

Dear Body,
You have been my constant companion for almost 55 years.   You have always been there for me...through good times and bad.  You have stayed reasonably healthy and able to move and grow.
You have birthed four babies and have the stretch marks and pouchy stomach  to show for it.
You get in a swim suit every summer without complaint.
I like the way your hands and feet look like my momma Sheri's.
I like the way we bike and play pickle ball and exercise together.
Walking with you is especially nice outside in the fresh air, talking to friends ( Si, Kathleen)
I  love your skinny ankles and shapely calves.  I  love your green eyes and when you smile with your whole face.
You are the eyes, ears, mouth and nose for me.    Thanks for the sights, the sounds, the tastes and smells over the years.
I'm embracing the wrinkles and sunspots on your face...    I'm sorry I didn't take better care of you in my younger years with sunscreen etc...  I'm not as happy about your line-y lips.
I want you to stay healthy -- no dying of cancer like Mom and Marcie.
I just want you to feel good and and I don't want to punish you because my "head" can't get it together.
Sincerely, Melinda

Dear Melinda,
I'm grateful for the opportunity to carry and deliver four healthy baby boys.  Some bodies don't get this privilege.    I'm good  with stretch marks and pouchy stomach as a result.  I wear them as badges of honor.
I'm grateful to be able to move and do all of the things you like to do: bike, Pickle ball, walk, swim.  I't's great to be able to do this and not be chair bound as we grow older.  Let's get that toe better!!
But Melinda.....I'm tired of all the dieting.  The lose 25 pounds gain 25 pound see-saw that you keep putting me through has got to stop.  Why do you keep doing this?  It's been a real strain on my skin and organs.
I'm determined to be strong and healthy but I need your help.  Better nourishment, more self care and less over eating would help.
I know your  "head" gets in the way  and emotional eating is how you think we need to survive but you dieting and then bingeing will not solve anything.  It won't stop the pain.  It will numb the feelings for a bit, but it never lasts.
 I've got eyes, ears, mouth and nose for you to experience all of life with.
Let's slow down a bit and relish the time we have together.  No more obsessing about how much I weigh or my  size.  We are just happy to be alive.
I'm here for you and will be til death do us part.


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