Saturday, March 11, 2017

Getting in tune with my body

I had rhubarb pie for breakfast.
 It was calling me and I knew I had to have it before it was eaten by someone else in the house.... Wayne.   That's how my selfish mind works around food.
I love rhubarb pie...but having it with out anything else on my stomach made me not feel good.... like there's rock in my gut and I'm  getting a sugar headache.
oops...I did it again.
Here I go....but...
This is a step in the right direction.  Instead of beating myself up, i'm going to step back and be a neutral observer of this action.
I have always complained that I don't know my body.  I don't know what food affects me.  BUT... I'm going to start.  I'm going to pay attention when and what I eat..not for any other reason but to see what different foods do to my body.  How they make me feel. Do I get a headache.  How does my gut feel after eating protein, or salad or sugar...etc...  It's time to begin this relationship.
I want to be in tune with my body and be more loving and kind to her.
I know this will take patience and slowing down and waiting, all things that up to this point I have not been good at.
I'm feeling blessed to have more time on this earth to figure this out...

So I've adopted the   - eat when hungry-take a few breaths before the meal begins -Sit down and enjoy the food - stop int he middle and do a hunger/full check...then if done -Take the last bite, and push my plate away not worrying about the "wasteful" factor - mentality.  It's a checklist that doesn't come easily, but it's doable.

This is huge...I've been doing this for only 2 days, but already I'm feeling better and free around food.

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