Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life

I just watched It's A Wonderful Life  for the umpteenth time...and fell in love with this movie all over again.  It just speaks to me and tugs at my heart each year.  It's my favorite. Christmas movie.
I appreciate the ordinariness of it.
I can relate to the family life, struggles and putting off what you think you want.
I get the sacrifice made for others....and where true happiness is found.
Here are some things I like about it:
I love how the movie starts with prayers going up to heaven on someone else's behalf.  All of the prayers are from players in George's story...all people who care about him....worry about him...pray for him.

I appreciate how upbeat George is...most of his life.  He looks at the sunny side of his situations and doesn't grumble, but is practical and postive.  He sees a need and fills it, everytime, putting his own wants on the back burner. 

When George and Mary get married on a rainy they drive out of town, there is a run on the bank, and I yell at them, "to keep driving....Don't turn around....Stay in your car"...but George gets out every time, and helps every demanding person. George gives out his own honeymoon money to keep the people happy. He asks them to take just what they need but many are angry and are demanding all of their money. A woman finally understands how to help and asks only for $17.50. George reaches across the counter, grabs her and kisses her forehead. George makes it through that day and is so happy when he has only 2 dollars left as he dances and sings it into the vault.
A couple of scenes make me cry every time.... when George is falling apart and yelling at his kids...he goes over and destroys his model bridge and work area in a fit of rage...then turns around in horror and sees what he has done, and the scared looks and tears on his children's faces and he apologizes to them all.   And when George is crying and praying at the bar it's just so heart wrenching. 
And then there's the end when everyone comes in and gives what money they have to "save" a friend, because beautiful, Mary, the patient, practical, supportive wife  puts out the call that George is in trouble.  

The message of the movie is pretty obvious.  It's actually written down in the book that is placed on the money pile in the's not hard to miss.
"Dear George, remember no man is a failure who has friends." - Clarence
What a wonderful message and one all of us need to continue to remember.  To have a friend you have to be a friend.

I feel so blessed for my Wonderful LIfe.  I'm so grateful I married my best friend.  I'm so grateful to have so many sister friends, and couple friends, theatre friends and ward friends and family as friends who love on me,  care about me ....and who pray for me.

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