Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas activity round up

This week has been a whirlwind of Christmas fun!!!
We trekked to see the lights at Temple Square for family night.  We were waiting for the snow to come, because it just makes it that much more magical, but alas, we are still in no snowville.  Lexi was a good sport and came even with her bronchitis and lack of breathing ability...and Monson walked around almost shoeless because of his burned top of his foot. We ended up at Hire's for rootbeer, fries and burgers.

We took the kids to see Juanito Bandito's Chrismas Carol.  It was so funny.  We love the schtik and improv in this show. All on stage are so talented and it's just low brow humor...but we love it!  

Welch Family Pajama Party at Terry and Cyrrena's home.  We had Breakfast then did a drawing for prizes for those who came in their jammies.

We played bingo with breakfast cereal for prizes and then acted out, read scripture and sange hymns for the Nativity.  This was Alfie's year to be a baby Jesus!

 Holly and Wanee came in twin jammies.

I got these Rudolph pj's for Wayne, but they were too little, so I ended up wearing them.  Now we have a Santa outfit and a Rudolph one.... who know's what "reindeer games" we can play?!?

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