Thursday, December 18, 2014

a year later....

It's been one year since my family was turned upside down with Truman's "I'm gay" announcement.
We were blind sided by this, having not seen any "clues" along the way.
So a year later we have reached a new normal and this is what I know....
I know I love my Tru and all of my matter what
I know I'm a momma bear and I'll protect and stand up for my boys!
I know day to day family life is pretty much the same
I know I find peace and added amounts of love by going to the temple
I know I will be okay when Tru starts bringing a boyfriend around
I know having children who are gay gets easier and easier to talk about
I know God is good and merciful to all of his matter the sexual orientation
I know LDS church meetings are not equipped to take in gay members....yet
I know my Wayne is the best husband and father and I'm so happy to be going through life with him.
I know my faith has it's ups and downs...but I would rather be in the church than out...and I'm all in.


bre and add said...

Love this, and my courageous momma :) Thanks for always standing up for fierce love and acceptance. You've taught me so much in the past 5 years. LOVE YOU. and I can't wait for Christmas sleepovers!!

Teri said...

Again, thank you Mel for your courage in addressing these important things in a public forum and bless you for loving your boys no matter what. If there's anything I've learned in middle age is that life is not always what we expect but the fact that we have a loving God who lifts us and friends and family who rally round us will make all the difference. Love you my sister and wish you and yours a very blessed and Merry Christmas.