Monday, December 29, 2014

Monson's 1st Happy Day

This was my first glimpse OF Monson.... the flash in the camera didn't work, so we got this great pic..all arms and legs and ready to TAKE on his world
The boys were so excited to have a new baby brother.  Truman just keeps kissing his head, he doesn't know what else to do.  Monson is named after Pres. Thomas S. Monson.  The boys came to the hospital just minutes after Monson was born, thanks to Grandma Sheri.
Monson's birth story (recorded Jan 1993):
Monson was an easy baby to have--easiest yet.  We checked in the hospital and we were started by 9:30am.  I never really felt a hard contraction.  Infact the monitor never really registered any.  I received my epidural anyway, just in case.  By 12:00, I pushed twice and out he came.  Dr. Doucette lay him on my belly and I got to wipe him off and keep him crying while Wayne cut the umbilical cord.  The baby was crying and I was crying and Wayne was crying and mom was crying and Grandma was crying.  It was all very exciting!  I had no stitiches, nothing, and really felt better than ever by the next day.
Grandma Sheri and Great Grandma Butters were in on the birth and boy was it ever special.  Really spiritual, it amazes me every time.  I am filled with the wonder of God's everlasting love and his infinite plan.
I got to share a hospital room with Tami Welch Madsen.  (Wayne's sister) That was neat too.  Tami was having her first son and I was having my last.  The two boys are almost exactly 12 hours apart born on the same day.  The nurses couldn't believe that we were sister in laws and we wanted to share a room.  It was great!  I really have such great love for Tami and Rob--they will always hold a special place in my heart. 
Wayne looking like a DAD IN 1992
Grtandma Welch who is a twin...finally had "twin" boys...Tyler and Monson...they shared a lot, including red hair and reflux.
Monson has had a whirlwind year!  He came home from his 2 year mission.  Dated, engaged and married his Lexi Jewell.  Started his College years...and a "real" job as runner at a law firm.  He is a rock in the gospel..and always sweet to his mom.  I love this GUY!   Oh Happy day...Money is 22!

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