Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Morn

This was the year for pajamas. We got matching ones for the girls and matching ones for the boys because we were having a big family sleep over Christmas eve night. We were all going to sleep in until Alfie woke up, but he woke up pretty early so we were opening presents by about 8:30.
Laila and Alfie burst into the living room breaking the wrapping paper open. Alfie didn't like it too much. But he was excited to see toys on the other side.

It was fun announcing the cruise that we're going on to Ft Lauderdale, Cancun, Grand Cayman and the Florida keys as a whole family Jan 18-24. They all were so excited about it. 
We all got wonderful presents but it was just good being together. 

I got the big Guatemalan  bag I wanted and an amazing watercolor print that Addison did of all the family. 
Alfie got many cars including a remote  control one from or for poppa  Wayne. His favorite gift was probably the giant giraffe pillow pet stuffed animal that is bigger than him.

Alex and Landin treated us all to Mexican Hot chocolate !

One of the highlights of the morning  was our Christmas dance wars that Tru put together. We drew teams and music then we had to do choreography and videotape what we came up. It was a hoot. 

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