Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Neighbor gifts.

I was teasing Wayne that this year for a neighbor gift I was thinking of a pack of straws with a cute note that says..."Hope your holidays don't suck!"   Wayne said NO.   Or I was thinking a Water bottle with a note that says... "Water you doing for Chrismas...Hope it's merry!"  I know.....LAME.

Neighbor gifrs are kind of a funny thing.  We live around these people.  We wave in our driveways and shout hello when we are coming and going.  We watch over houses when they are on vacations. We borrow an egg or  take out their garbage can.  We see some of them at church.  We wonder what is happening when there are police cars parked  out front, or an ambulance. We have summer get togethers...sometimes. But we always give Christmas neighbor gifts.  Or atleast Wayne and I have since we moved here 24 years ago.
Some years we are more clever than others....along with the obvious cookies and treat plates, we have also given extensions cords and a note... "Extending you a happy holiday. "  Sparkle brand Paper towels..."Hope your holidays Sparkle."   2 litre of Sprite..."May your days be merry and Sprite."  Box of tissues..."We tissue a merry Christmas."  These are just a few that come to mind.  We just want to give a little su'em su'em that shows we appreciate living around good people like you.
Anyway.... I know that these are looked at, used up, eaten...the notes quickly discarded.   It's all good. Well.... Wayne went over to help our single, elderly neighbor and to his surprise and mine, found many of our neighbor gift notes over the years, lined up on his counter.  He keeps these and is appreciative that we think of him each year.  Who knew?  Don't take for granted the little things we do for other people.  It could make someone's day.   Love on never know.

So this year we are giving out toilet paper rolls dressed like a snowman. The nite says "something to use, something to share. So bottoms up, Just cuz we care"