Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5 things I am loving right now.......

I am loving this quote by Pres. Monson...

I am loving my 5 Carols for Christmas  time....but it is different this go around.  The Midvale venue is less than perfect, and the Jacks show is "interesting",  but the time I get to spend on stage and off with my ladies is wonderful. My character, Ms. Q., is like me in so many ways....she has disappointments in her life but just keeps going putting on the show...staying positive...and she looks a lot like me too.
 I love the message of this show..."Christmas isn't about perfection, if anything it's about's about letting the people around you know that you love them whether they're perfect or not.   It's about  picking others up when they fall and being able to laugh at our own foibles and follies."
 I am really looking forward to sharing the stage with Bre this weekend when she takes over the Kitty part for Julie Blatter.  Bre is a star and can just do any part in this show. This will be the first time we get to share the stage.
I am loving my  Christmas decorations.  I paired down the decorations last year and it felt so good.  I love my simple tree with Jesus quotes from my sweet friend Paula Carlson placed on it.  I love all of my nativities...even the broken ones. I still keep my older, sentimental ornaments and decorations, and I enjoy opening up the boxes and lookng at, handling, and remembering past Christmases, but I don't feel the need  to get all of my stuff out. I am going to put a smaller tree in the family room this year with all of the old "kid" ornaments on it.  I will put it up on a table so Alfie can't get to it...and speaking of Alfie......

I am loving this little guys hair.....and really just all of him!

I am loving this Duck Dynasty app that puts a beard on just about anything....we all look like we are ready to be in the next Hobbit movie.

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