Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Andrew turns 8!

 We Celebrated Andrew's 8th birthday with a fun party  including a clown who performed tricks and made all kinds of balloons for the kids. Andrew was in heaven!  We all went out to support.  Andrew was his loving, kind, grateful self.  What a sweet boy.  He is really in to legos right now and also got a new bike!   His Grandma Sonia did all of the traditional Brazilian food including a Bolo Salgado...  a salty cake which is really chicken salad on white bread covered in cold mashed potatoes and dressed up with veggies on top to look like a real cake.  It was delicious.   As per Brazilian tradition the birthday boy gives the first slice of cake to someone special in his life and akes a wish...well we didn't know this...and Tia Bre kept telling him,"no you eat it.. it's yours." Andrew was pretty sad that Bre didn't take his cake.  She didn't know. Next year we will have to be reminded of this sweet tradition.  

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bre and add said...

These pics are great! So full of FUN!!