Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Traverse City, Michigan and Mons

Elder Welch with Elder Manning.
Monson is loving the weather in Traverse City...it's in the 70's all summer.  He is losing weight, eating weird Quinoa with tomato and basil.  He said it was his weirdest most gross meal so far and he had to go to McDonalds afterward.  ( We eat that a lot around here lately....he is going to be really surprised when he comes home.)  Monson has less than 6 months left and he can't believe it is going so quickly.  He has memorized all of the Sermon on the Mount and continues to write gospel raps.

This is a rap about Aminadab from Helaman 5

Now let me tell you bout this guy, Aminadab's his name
If you don't know him after this he'll have some fame
He joined the church back in his early years
Now he didn't keep commandments put his momma in tears
One day while he was guarding all the prisoners
He saw Nephi and Lehi they didn't have listeners
Until some angels came and talked to them
Nobody knew what to do they were all frozen
Now let's say Aminadab was never there
Who else would've had the courage to share
They would've all been left in the dark
And just like Noah's flood they wouldn't make it in the ark
The spark they had came at just the right time
From Aminadab his message was sublime
He taught them the gospel and it's happiness
Showed them how to get rid of the darkness
Who would've ever thought it would come from him
An unlikely hero, makes me wanna say his name again
Aminadab he's such the man
If nobody can do it Aminadab can
Learn this lesson you don't have to be perfect
To share the gospel with all it's really worth it
Just pray for the right person, right time, right place
And the Lord will do the rest ya pourin out his grace

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