Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Flashback Funny


Laila had her 5th Birthday party celebrating with 6 girls from the ward.  Haley Whitman, Heather Kofford, Sydney Blake, Katelyn Hauck ( Melenee Barne's daughter) and 2 new girls --Camilla Skinner and Emily Oram. She had a dream about a beautiful princess cake, she described it perfectly, so I had to order one from Dick's Bakery to fit the bill.
We decorated the dining room with princess barbies and figurines in the middle of the table and crepe paper streamers and balloons in the corners with streamers hanging from the ceiling too.  Laila thinks it's so beautiful and asked if we could leave it up until she turns 10.
The girls came and we played games, broke Laila's pinata that she made at Christmas time, opened presents and ate birthday cake.  Then we took off to McDonald's playland for the end of the party and some ice cream.   Laila was in heaven.
For her Guest's wishes, when they gave her  presents...she wished them "more belief in God" or "the best family ever. " And my personal favorite, she wished "that God would never leave you. " I think the little girls were just hoping for a pony or a million dollars, but they got Laila wishes instead.

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