Thursday, July 25, 2013 year later

The Tour de France is taking place and I am enjoying my own version of the Tour De Bountiful.  I love to bike.  I  have been doing it for one year now and I still enjoy it.  I'm definitely getting stronger.

Last year the thought of going up 1800 south, let alone any hill in Bountiful was a no go.  Now I can do 1800 south and Vineyard and many others all the way to Bountiful Boulevard.  I have figured out my pedaling better and how to serpentine to make it work.

At the beginning of the summer it took me 35 minutes to go from my house, up the hill to 1800 and up the hill to Bountiful Blvd...all the way south to Si's home in North Salt Lake...or what she likes to call it " South Bountiful".....Today, it took me 29 minutes.

I was proud of Wayne and myself going around Bear Lake twice--that's 51 miles each time... and then another 36 miles on top of that into a strong head wind.  Last year, I did it one time and was wiped out the rest of the week.  My knees were killing me.  Now my knees don't bug at all.

Last year every time I clipped in I was ready for a terrifying experience.... now I'm the boss of those clips and I can make it work.

Biking is getting better and better.  We are going on a 65 miler the end of August in Logan.  Looking forward to it....and I even think Laila is getting used to seeing her parents in their biking uniforms.  At least we aren't getting any more eye rolls.

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