Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Funny Flashbacks

Laila is getting bigger and sweeter all of the time.  She loves to play with her friends and just so you know,  Jarret, her imaginary friend, had a birthday yesterday, in the cereal cupboard.  He is now 5 too.  He tells her bad jokes and she reminds him to be on Jesus' team and not make the devil happy.  She plays with the puppy and always wants to hold her, even when the puppy doesn't want to be held.  You get the idea.

Laila is a secret agent.  Shhhhhhh......Don't tell anyone.  She wants to take karate so she can beat up bad guys.  She says she sneaks out at night to help people.

Laila also lectured Landon on his music choices while driving with him the other day.  She told him not to listen to bad music, only she can because she has the spirit and can tell the difference between good and bad music.  It was funny and very eye opening.

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