Tuesday, July 16, 2013

B E A R L A K E '13

B is for Boating
E is for Eating shakes and dinner under the trees each night
A is for aches and pains 
R is for reading and relaxing 
L is for laughing together as a family
A is for attending "Juanito Bandito" at Pickleville Playhouse... 
K is for kneeboarding, Tubing, Wakeboarding, wave runners, volleyball, and card games
E is for Everything else that makes Bear Lake such a wonderful place to go each summer. 

Up in our Family tree this year.... Landon, Alex, Savannah, Tru and Laila

We missed Mom...but made it through.  

We arrived last Monday.  Daddyo- Lyle  drove up with me, Laila and Savannah Bentley.  It was nice to have Savannah with us for another year.  She is a sweet cousin to Laila and when Laila wants to be alone… Savannah gets along with everyone else just fine and is a great game player.  She really is fun to have around. 
I was glad Dad went up.   He made it 5 days and 4 nights.  He went down to the lake every day.  He watched some baseball on tv.  He read a book, took naps throughout the day and tried to sleep – not in his own bed- at night.  He went golfing with Liz. Al and Preston and talked to Sheri.   She gave him his “marching orders” every day.  Sheri was so proud of him for moving forward and participating…even though the steps up to and down from the third floor condo are a bit much for him. 
We went to the Pickleville playhouse this year and saw "Juanito Bandito"…a funny melodrama with original music about  bad guy Juanito… kind of like  a Nacho LIbre type character with Stretchy pants….we laughed til we cried.     
We did all of the usual suspects….boating, wave runners, dinner under the trees, biking, shakes at Le Beaus, tubing, wake boarding, kayaking, laying in the sun, reading books , game playing and talking.   The one thing missing this year was momma Sheri.   We all had a teary time during the week as well, as we would remember grandma Sheri stories and feel of her spirit and feel of her loss. None of us thought that last year at Bear Lake was mom’s last year……
The Boat worked great.  Wayne took the kids out on it every time they asked.  They asked a lot….. needless to say he didn’t get much reading time in.   We went out 3 days in a row….and by the 4th day…they were all so sore having beat their bodies with the tube, wake board and wave runners….that they called it quits. 
We biked around the lake twice and then did a 32 miler on Saturday.   135 total  bike miles this past week.   I wasn’t too sore.  I love biking at cool Bear Lake, especially on the East side of the lake….rolling hills and very little traffic.

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Teri said...

What an awesome family pix but yes, sad to see Lyle by himself in the middle. Liz looks so much like your mom in the funny hat. What a blast! Miss that gorgeous lake!