Friday, July 19, 2013

Flashback Friday

Nov 2007
Laila said this while looking at our family picture:  "God is such a good artist drawer, cuz look how good he drawed us."

While learning to ride her 2 wheeler bike, Addison was holding on to the seat and running with her, trying to help her.  She told Addison, "You are kind of messing me up.  All I really need is Courage!"

When told she had cute shoes on, she replied, "Yeah, my mom wouldn't buy them if they were ugly."

When asked who her favorite brother is, she said,
"Addison is my favorite because he is so nice.  Landon is my favorite because he loves me so much.  Truman is my favorite because he's so cool.  Monson is my favorite because he doesn't  hurt me too much, and when he does he always says he's sorry, it's an accident."

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