Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let Freedom Ring with Swimming and Scones!

I love America. 
 I love Independence Day and the red, white and blue celebration.
I have been swimming, and eating scones on this day for over 40 years.  Since momma passed, I got the "dirty" oil in her fridge and the charge to continue with the scone tradition.  I'm up for it since I have pulled scones with my momma for years.  She had the perfect touch....stretch out through the middle then circle with your fingers and push out the edges.   We pulled, fried up and sugared 200 scones. These were the appetizer to the 180 burgers and hot doges that Wayne and  Mike grilled up for everyone celebrating at the Morley pool.  
We watched the hot dog eating championship on TV.  We have done this for years, as well, while we pull scones.  The guy ate 69 hotdogs in 10 minutes.  Sick.
Tru is making up for "missing" the last 3 summers with a mission and summer sales.  He has played and traveled and now wants certain food.....He LOVED the scones.   Laila was a good "Indian."  She let Sophia hang on her and try to jump off the high dive. It was great to have Landon, Alex and his kids with us.  

Alex and Sophia

Truman, Jenna, Landon, Alex, Melinda, Andrew
Laila, Alex, Sophia,Landon, Jenna, Truman
We ended our day with dinner with Dad and a cemetery visit, just to report to momma that all went well.

It's great to live in the land of the free and home of the brave.

I still haven't gone through a day without crying since April 28th..... but I didn't cry while pulling the scones. I thought I would.   It was great to keep this tradition going!  We are probably going to do them again on the 24th just to catch all of the peeps that couldn't make it.

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