Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Still Painting

I am trying to make time to paint every week.   I really should move my stuff to mom's paint room and have good light etc.... but the thought makes me a little sad still, so I'm in my dark basement for a while longer.
My process is an interesting one...the first hour of painting is just  a mess until I get in the flow and something cool starts to happen.  It takes hours of just putting marks on canvas in interesting ways til shape and form appear.    I realize if I force it or don't make bold choices, it's just blah.   I have 4 more ready  to show...
This one is called "Landon: Unfinished"   It doesn't really look like Landon, but He was my inspiration.
 This is "Imagine."  It's 4'x3' acrylic.  I like the color palate and how things just appeared as I went... I can see a butterfly, bike, fish, flowers, a woman's shape etc....   The jester head in the middle with the crown..was once a very large flower.....
 This is 20"x 16" canvas that I'm working on for Emilee Dahl's Hair salon.
This started out as a canoe on the water,  with kind of a native american motif, but as I turned it and flipped it to work on it this woman shape appeared and I just went with it.  It's 2'x3' and it's called "Fertility"

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