Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top 5 for Memorial Weekend

1.  Visiting Gravesites.  I know when I was younger I didn't really get why we "had" to do this, but as an adult I really want my children coming with me  to remember.  We had a family gathering at Wayne's dad's site.  We always get together on Sunday at 6 and sit in a circle and sing "Love at home" and reminisce a bit.  My brother in law, Clark Bentley has made laminated life sketches for all of his Farmington Cemetery relatives.  It's really wonderful to wander around and read about these people.

We also put flowers on my Grandparent's grave.  Laila remembers Grandma Butters so clearly.  It was beautiful to be up there at sunset and feel of their spirits.  I miss my grandparents soooo much, but especially on summer holidays.  The 4 summer holidays were always filled with swimming and cousins and my Grandparents holding court in the gazebo.

2.  Tennis.  Wayne and I went over to the courts to hit some balls with the Belnap bunch.   We are trying to do this more. Wayne is getting better, and I am staying the same.  A few lessons would help.

3.  Movies.  We saw Men in Black 3 and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.   A movie for Wayne and a Movie for Me.  Guess which is which.....?

4.  Naps..... sleep, sleep and more sleep.  I love an afternoon nap where I take out my contacts and get under the covers and just totally give into it..... mmmmmm

5.  Missionary Email.   I look forward to Mondays so much because that's my email day.  Monson is doing well.  He has set some sort of mission record, I'm sure, with 4 companions in 6 weeks.  I still shake my head just thinking about it. He continues to be positive and has a new companion this week, fresh out of the MTC, that he will be training.  "Come what may and love it,"  that's his motto.

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Rachelle said...

all VERY good memorial weekend activities :) I regret not getting enough naps.... maybe next year, or in like 10 years.