Thursday, May 3, 2012

right now I am....

thinking about: NYC

watching:  Scandal...a new tv show (on demand)

feeling: antsy

dreaming of: vacation to Disney World with my family in November!

planning for: end of year reports for school

wanting: to live through Laila's mood swings that will probably continue for the next 8 years....

craving: cooked food...and chocolate!

laughing about: all the green speckles that are EVERYWHERE from our green smoothie fest around here

avoiding: doing online reading tests

wishing: my yard was weeded, done and beautiful

missing: my Monson missionary in Michigan

thankful:  for my chance to work in the Young Womens for the past 2 1/2 years

wondering: if I will be in a show this year....

excited: my friend Erica just had a healthy baby Boy... Now Laura is a double grandma.

1 comment:

Si said...

a double grandma. That's funny.
green speckles? Have you heard of a LID?????